Mint, Level up, Gear up, Fight
Earn by battling with your hero NFT on the blockchain
Start with a Free mint for the first generation of 5,000 hero NFTs

Stake your hero, prepare for each fight, and earn as you gain experience.

We’re building the next evolution of blockchain games for a global audience.

Character Classes

Champions of the blade and in meting out harsh rewards for those that would dare challenge them in the arena. These warriors have trained in all manner of combat in order to defeat all manner of foe.
Like a whisper on the lips, the Rogue is a shadow in the minds of men. The wise would be cautious not to forget their presence on the battlefield, unleashing crippling blows on those that do.
The masters of forces both seen and unseen, mages weave the forces of nature into powerful manifestations in order to defeat their enemies.
A fierce dedication to their beliefs drives within them an extraordinary determination of force to be unleashed on those that would challenge them. Their training is not in the blade but rather, the hearts of men.
Heroes become more valuable as they gain experience with every battle


Each hero can equip gear that can tip the balance of battle in their favorCurrent default equipment (non-NFTs)

Sample upcoming NFT equipment

Acquired through purchase or won in battle
Battle your opponents in one of three different arenas


Q1 2022

5,000 heroes are algorithmically generated

Preview in Unity

Heroes and animation rendered for battle in Unreal Engine

Fair and free minting experience is perfected

OGN token holders and 888 Inner Circle members are the first to be whitelisted

Q2 2022

First generation heroes are minted

Founding game players claim up to twenty(20) free heroes

Reveal of heroes mapping

Each hero emerges from provably-fair reveal process

Intial equipment NFT mint

Game contract deploy

Holders of the first generation heroes are able to claim one free item to enhance their fighting ability

Q3 2022+

Blades of Valor community builds the future of the game together and builds on top of the initial Hero NFTs


Yu Pan


Jeff Gibson

With the team at Origin Protocol


How do I get added to the whitelist?
Whitelist spots are granted to members of our Discord server (Trailblazers) who contribute the most to our growing community. However, you don’t need to be on the whitelist if you hold the right keys to access the free mint.
How do I get keys to mint free hero NFTs?
Every holder of the 888 Inner Circle Yellow Realm NFT is automatically eligible along with every wallet that holds at least 1,000 OGN. You can buy an 888 NFT on OpenSea or get OGN from a variety of top exchanges.
Am I automatically eligible if I have OGN staked or held on an exchange?
No, OGN or the 888 NFT must be held in the wallet that you plan to use to mint your hero NFTs.
What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?
Blades of Valor heroes are ERC-721 NFTs minted on Ethereum Mainnet.
Mint, Level up, Gear up, Fight
Start with a Free mint for the first generation of 5,000 hero NFTs